Thursday, October 30, 2014

30 Weeks and Counting

30 weeks, I can barely believe it.  This pregnancy has flown past. As I enter into the last few months I think forward to the birth... who am I kidding, I've been planning this birth since before I found out I was pregnant! I've always known what I wanted, even before I was welcomed into the birth world. Lily's birth was as perfect as it could ever be. My midwife was so supportive and  everything turned out just the way I hoped. But after that, I knew I had to have a home birth. I knew it was the only way for me. After attending over 30 births as a doula I realized how blessed we were with Lily's birth. There is no way that would happen again without being at home. So here I am awaiting my very own home birth.

I had very high hopes for this birth. I dreamt of a peaceful waterbirth with my little one near by, enjoying the last moments before her baby brother/sister came into the world. I dreamt of catching my own baby then cuddling with both of my littles for hours alone in my own bed, nursing at leisure. But as the time has grown closer I've realized something. I've given myself the best chance to have a healthy birth and baby and no matter what happens, I'm ok with that. With a transfer rate of 2%, and a cesarean rate of .5%, I trust my midwives more than anyone else. The odds are in my favor. I have prepared my body over the course of my pregnancy with spinning babies stretches, chiropractic work,  a healthy diet and confidence in the bodies ability to birth a healthy baby. I am more prepared than I ever was with Lily, that's for sure. There is absolutely nothing else that I can do.

So my hopes for this birth? That it goes as smoothly as it's going to.

My visualization? Waking up in hard labor, calling the midwives but baby is born moments before they walk in the door.

My predictions for this birth? A little prodromal labor, Baby born at 39 and 4 weeks in the night after an 8 hour labor. 7 lb 8 oz and 21 inch little girl. We shall see :)

Now to find out if we will ever name the little thing.
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