Monday, September 14, 2015

We've been busy!

We went to the Regional convention, "Imitate Jesus!",  with my family this year. It was such an encouraging and wonderful event. Each year I hear people say that it's been the best year, but THIS year was definitely the best ;) No spoilers, but I will say I wish we could go again!!
My amazing Mama made matching skirts for us to wear and surprised me with another beautiful skirt. We really enjoyed Visiting with brothers and sisters we don't see very often and of course seeing family.

We have also been working on training our habits. One in particular is daily worship.
Each day Barry and I do our bible reading together out loud. I love hearing Barry's thoughts and questions since he brings such a different light to the discussion. The kids and I do our daily text each morning and listen to kingdom melodies for about ten to fifteen minutes. This has really helped us to learn the words to many of these precious songs.
Monday's Barry and I have been working on strengthening our "three fold cord" by using the couples section on We are really enjoying this time together.
Tuesday's we focus on reading and looking at pictures with Lexi. We have been using the bible story book and My Bible Lessons.
Wednesday's is our family worship night. We do a variety of things but try to include focusing on bible stories, character qualities, Jehovah's qualities and self improvement.
Thursday's is my study with Lily. We have been working through 'Learn From the Great Teacher'. I love hearing all of her questions. Who knew kids could teach us SO much?!
Friday's we do our personal study. I've been working through 'Initate Their Faith'. I think this is my favorite publication ever!! It has been so faith strengthening and encouraging.
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