Monday, May 4, 2015

I am a Mommy.

I write so many blog posts in my head and rarely get a chance to get them down. As the title of this post says... I am a mommy. What does that mean? Let me tell you a little story...

As I was attempting to get dressed for the meeting yesterday, I couldn't find anything to wear. Not in the "ugh I hate all my clothes" way but in the "my baby bump is still hanging around and NOTHING FITS" kind of way. I decided to go root around in the storage bins in our basement hoping I could find something, anything, that would fit. I opened the bin labeled "Chloe's Clothes" and proceeded to pull out clothes two sizes too small.
"Ugh what was I thinking, I'm not going to find anything down here"
Something caught my attention, there was a laundry basket full of clothes across the room.
"Hmm that's weird, why would laundry be over here?"
I peeked in and found a ton of Lily's clothes from the newborn days. I found the cutest little onesie, smelled it and thought about all the memories of when Lily was Lexi's age.
"Oh man, why was I down here again? RIGHT, I need to get dressed."
I grab the clothes and head off into the laundry room to look for something to wear. I set the onesie down and start rooting through the never ending pile of laundry. I found a couple of outfits for the girls for after the meeting and set them on the stairs.
"Oh yea, focus Chloe, all you need is a dress... Eh here is that ugly orange dress, that works."
I start walking up the stairs but wait,
"I'm forgetting something... RIGHT the onesie. Now where did I put that?"
I then looked around for about ten minutes before I finally found the onesie. Walked upstairs, threw the dress on then took the next half hour to get the girls dressed.

Why am I telling you this story? Because this is what it means to be a mommy. Never having a coherent thought in your head, never fitting into those cute pre pregnancy clothes again, never getting the laundry done, and never having the energy to write the thousands of blog posts you "write in your head".  Can you relate?

I love being a Mommy.

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